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Kurssystem: Alternativ e-post-avsender for kursmeldinger


After the Sprint 2 release, you and your course admins will be able to set up a sender email for a separate course. The system will send out all course notifications from this email. Since we need to verify the sender domain for each association in order to be able to send emails from the domain, there is a limitation. Admins and course responsibles will be able to edit the first part of the email, while the domain is the same for all admins and responsibles for the association.

How to find:

  • Open the course card or wizard on the “Activity” step/tab, either in the Back-Office or on My Page.

  • Go to the “General information”/”Generell informasjon” block, and find a new field there – “Activity sender email”. By default, the field should contain the verified sender email for the organization, but you can change the first part of the email.

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