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Kurssystem: Kobling av relaterte kurs


A new ability to mark courses as connected is added on My Page for course leaders. E.g, now you can mark that some courses are connected because they are a few modules of one course, or anything similar. This setting is just for course leaders, and it does not change anything for course participants.

How to use:

  • Go to My Page for course leaders, and open a course card.

  • Go to the “Settings” tab/step.

  • Navigate to the new block “Connected courses”. You’re able to connect one or more courses to the group. If you disconnect the course from the group, it means the course is disconnected from all other courses that stay inside the connected group.

ACL is the following:

  • System Course Super Admins, Course Super Admins, Course Editors are able to see the “Connected courses” block and manage it for those courses that are available for them

  • Course Contributors are able to read only the new block

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