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Kurssystem: Egendefinerte bilder for kurs


If you’re using a custom set of pictures for the course pictures gallery, now it becomes possible for you to set up which picture(s) should be used for which course category(s). Talk to us if you’re interested to set this feature up – the feature should be configurated from our side before you’re able to use it.

Once everything is set up, your course leaders get an opportunity to see a filter by the course category inside the gallery of course pictures, when they create or update courses. All they need to do is to pick the category they’re interested in and choose the picture from those that are filtered by the system.

Choo i Skyen blir oppdatert hver tredje uke med rettelser og nye funksjoner. Dette er en av flere nye funksjoner i medlemssystemet og kurs & konferansesystemet. Hele Choo i Skyen er på norsk.

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