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Kurssystem: Administrere kurskategorier


System Course Super Admin/Course Super Admin can manage the list of course categories available in the organization from My Page. It means that they can create, edit, and delete the course category, which contains the name of it and the certificate text (optional). All these options are available in the “Settings” (look at the sidebar of My Page). In case when System Course Super Admin/Course Super Admin fills in the “Certificate text” for the course category, this text will be automatically applied to the Certificate text field, in the course settings if the user will choose the particular category with “Certificate text”

How to use:

  1. Go to My Page as a System Course Super Admin/Course Super Admin

  2. Click on the “Settings”, at the Sidebar of My Page

  3. Click create “Add Category” button

  4. Fill the “Category Name” and “Certificate text” fields, and save your changes

  5. Edit/Delete categories in case if you need it

  6. Go to the course card and click on the “Activities” tab

  7. Navigate to the “Category” dropdown and choose the category that you want

  8. Navigate to the “Certificate” block and check the “Certificate text” field. It will be prefilled if the category that you’ve chosen contains certificate text in it.

  9. Edit the “Certificate text” field in case if you need it

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