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Dashboard: Datoperiode for å vise utvikling av medlemsmassen


To make the Dashboard module even more powerful, we’re adding an ability to switch between different periods to track the trends of members’ development inside any level. Now your leaders within levels for which you decided to turn the Dashboard on, are able to change the period for the following parameters:

  • “Total members”

  • “New members”

  • “Resigned members”

You can use this feature, e.g, to see how many new members are there in the current year and compare how many did you have in the previous year.

Choo i Skyen blir oppdatert hver tredje uke med rettelser og nye funksjoner. Dette er en av flere nye funksjoner i medlemssystemet og kurs & konferansesystemet. Hele Choo i Skyen er på norsk.

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